Welcome to the website of the Paediatric Chaplaincy Network (for GB&I). We are a group of multi faith religious and spiritual care staff and volunteers working in hospitals, hospices and the wider community.

New Resource

Supporting Families with Sick Children by Rachel Hill-Brown
This booklet explores some of the challenges for church ministers and pastoral teams of supporting families through having a child with a serious illness or disability. It includes theological issues which may arise, and offers examples, principles of good practice, practical ideas and creative ways of helping families, the wider community and schools as they journey through the ups and downs, joys and tribulations associated with this situation.
To order a copy, please email rbr@bch.nhs.uk.
This booklet was produced by Red Balloon Resources. To see the full range of resources available, please visit: http://www.bch.nhs.uk/node/13511

New Website Updates

We are currently adding lots of new information to the PCN website. There are lots of ways for you to contribute to the PCN:

  • Example orders of service for memorials and funerals
  • Book recommendations or reviews
  • Contribute to our discussion page.
  • Let us know about any events or training that you think are relevant to the network members
  • Contact us with any other suggestions!

Are you a paediatric chaplain who is not currently part of the PCN? Email Emma Roberts to be added to the mailing list.

2016 PCN Meeting - 9th November 2016

“'Justifying our existence?’: sharing examples of evidence for paediatric chaplaincy.”

This year’s meeting focused on research and building evidence showing the value of chaplaincy.

A new project to collect case studies from paediatric chaplains was launched at this meeting.
Chaplains who work with children and young people are being asked to submit a case study (about 1,500 words) to a collection which will be kept on this website. The aim of this project is to build a body of evidence about what paediatric chaplains do.

If you would like to take part in this project, please click here for full details and a case study template.