Past Meetings

5th Annual PCN Meeting – Feedback and Presentations


Feedback : What worked well?
  • Meeting people doing related things
  • Seeing/hearing how play and youth work principles relate in such fundamental ways to what we do
  • Sally’s presentation was inspiring and informative
  • Enjoyed the interactive tasks –good to talk to others
  • Discussion times
  • Good input and a variety of speakers – so many ideas!



The importance of  networking was introduced and developed by Chris Collinson from the Health Foundation. The experience we have is the richest resource of our network. At our Annual Meeting we only tapped into 5% of that experience. 95% of that is still be be discovered so start networking with each other through LinkedIn.



The presentations for our 5th Annual  Paediatric Chaplaincy Network meeting will be located here. Just click on the hyperlinks below:-

Professional Youth work principles for paediatric chaplancy presentation – Dr Sally Nash from Centre for Youth Ministry

PCN Participation Project presentation –  Revd Paul Nash, Revd Kathryn Darby,  Dr Sally Nash Chaplaincy, Birmingham Children’s Hospital