Resources and Rationale

The PCN has started to produce resources for children, young people, families and staff.  The first of these resources is the Held in Hope series of booklets for 3-7 year old children.  Link.  These have been produced with Red Balloon Resources, the resource arm of the Chaplaincy of Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Christian Education Publishing. and These books are all available from for £5.99 each. Discounts available to PCN members and those attending training events.

We are also planning:

  • A funeral and memorial resource
  • Training resource on self care in palliative and bereavement care

These and resources will be added over time.

These links below highlight the development of ideas by paediatric chaplains (These may not reflect the views of all chaplains but illustrates the issues being faced and addressed)

Nash, P.; Nash S.; Frith, C.; Perspectives on spirituality and sick children and young people in a multicultural paediatric hospital context – identifying and responding to spiritual needs.

Cornwall, S.; Briefing Paper 2: Intersex Conditions (DSDs) and Pastoral Care: A Guide for Healthcare Chaplains, Ministers, and Pastoral Carers

The Potential for efficacy of healthcare chaplaincy and spiritual care provision in the NHS (UK)